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I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU! - The Book! by Anjali Bhimani

Created by Anjali Bhimani

Sure, it's usually for candy bars and tiny humans, but in MY world, we are ALL Fun Size, capital F, capital S, because we're all built to have awesome, fun lives...but I also know that the world can be a challenging place, and sometimes we need a little help (or a lot) along the way. So in this book, I'm bringing you tons of Fun Size goodness - stories from my life (some heartening, some cringeworthy), creative ways to deal with life's challenges, and most of all, proof that you are NOT alone...none of us are. Basically, I wanna bring you all "your buddy in a book"...that happy companion that lets you know no matter what life brings you, you've got this...WE'VE got this. (*And yes yes, I know it's grammatically incorrect to say "Fun Size", it should be "fun sized" but I like candy bars and they say Fun Size - my book, my series, my candy, my rules. Nyeah. Love, A girl who spells her handle with three e's because it's FUN.)