I Am Fun Size, and So Are YOU! - The Book! by Anjali Bhimani

Created by Anjali Bhimani

Sure, it's usually for candy bars and tiny humans, but in MY world, we are ALL Fun Size, capital F, capital S, because we're all built to have awesome, fun lives...but I also know that the world can be a challenging place, and sometimes we need a little help (or a lot) along the way. So in this book, I'm bringing you tons of Fun Size goodness - stories from my life (some heartening, some cringeworthy), creative ways to deal with life's challenges, and most of all, proof that you are NOT alone...none of us are. Basically, I wanna bring you all "your buddy in a book"...that happy companion that lets you know no matter what life brings you, you've got this...WE'VE got this. (*And yes yes, I know it's grammatically incorrect to say "Fun Size", it should be "fun sized" but I like candy bars and they say Fun Size - my book, my series, my candy, my rules. Nyeah. Love, A girl who spells her handle with three e's because it's FUN.)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Join me TOMORROW at 12 pm PST for the Q&A & LIVE READING!
3 days ago – Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 06:35:29 AM

Hello Everyone!!! 

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the IAMFS Q&A & & Live Reading!  Woohoo! 

We will be sending out a zoom link tomorrow morning so be on the look out!  

We are so excited to see and chat with you all, and most importantly share with you the project that YOU made possible. 

Remember to RSVP and we will see you tomorrow!

Team AB

WHOOPS! Hyperlink to shoutouts - Take TWO!
12 days ago – Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 04:13:26 PM

Remember that time I posted an update to share the link to get your shoutouts on Instagram and I DIDN'T actually include the link? 

Ahem. Whoops

HERE is the link to see the shoutouts on Instagram for all of you beauties who backed at the SIDEKICK level or above. 

(And thanks to Marcel for bringing that to my attention!)

Fun Size Fridays are on! Check out these updates!
12 days ago – Wed, Jan 12, 2022 at 09:22:37 AM

If you backed at the SIDEKICK level or above, you were a part of our shoutouts last Fun Size Friday on Instagram! If you missed it, you can go to this post <insert hyperlink to IGTV post here> on Instagram to listen for your hearty thanks (and some fun stories about some of my dear friends who backed as well).

We will be doing the first I Am Fun Size Reading and Q&A of the year NEXT FRIDAY, January 21 at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST/8 pm BST. If you backed at the STAR level or above, you will be receiving your invite soon via email, so make sure to RSVP at info@anjalibhimani.com  and let us know if you can make it!

We are still getting a lot of questions about the e-book and where to find it if you purchased one, so here’s a little more help!

If you backed at the PAL level (ONLY this level) OR if you added on the e-book to your purchase at any other tiers, and then finished your survey on BackerKit and confirmed your email with us (which we KNOW you’ve done by now, right?), then your special edition e-book is ready for download on your BackerKit profile under “digital downloads”! If you did NOT back at the PAL level and you did not add the e-book as an add-on, then you have two awesome choices to choose from:

-You can STILL add the Kickstarter Exclusive version of the e-book to your order by amending your order in the backend of your backer kit profile and adding it to your order


-Hang tight until we get the hard copies of the book in and we can ship them out to you. We should be receiving them in a month or so!

As always, you can also contact support on BackerKit to get their assistance walking you through it…and if you still have no luck, hit us up at info@anjalibhimani.com

More to come soon!

HELLOOOOOO 2022! January Updates from Fun Size Central!
16 days ago – Sat, Jan 08, 2022 at 05:08:15 PM

Hello, beautiful backers! I hope whatever you were doing, whoever you were with, and wherever you were for the last few weeks, you got to revel in love, warmth, and relaxation (and if your holidays were anything like mine, a LOT of really good food).

Now that we’ve flipped the page on the calendar and are starting up the new year, we are also getting things rolling here at Fun Size Central (Fun Size HQ? Still not sure which I like better) and getting all set to start rolling out some of these rewards in January and February!


First…for those of you that received the I Am Fun Size, And So Are You e-book in December, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Send me thoughts, comments, etc. at anjali@iamfunsize.com . and as I mentioned when we sent out the book, if you happen to find any egregious spelling or grammatical errors (even after 3 rounds of editing, copyediting, and proofreading, it’s still possible something slipped by) let us know and you’ll get a special gift for helping us get that fixed for the next round of printing.

Because I love #FunSizeFriday, we have special plans for EVERY FRIDAY this month!

This FRIDAY, January 7 at 10 am PST, I’ll be doing Instagram shoutouts on Instagram LIVE! All 172 of you who backed at the SIDEKICK level or above will be getting a shoutout, and the video will be posted on IGTV for those of you who can’t make it live. I’ll be announcing more details on what’s coming with the book, rewards fulfillment and more on that IG live, so make sure to tune in if you can!

We will be getting in touch with backers over the next few weeks to begin scheduling more of the rewards including 30 min meet and greets and the Live Q&A/Readings for February!

Stay tuned to find out what’s happening NEXT Friday as well!

We are still missing surveys on BackerKit.com from 12% of you guys…and we’ve been doing our best to send you emails at the emails on record. If you haven’t heard from us AND you don’t think you’ve filled out your survey on BackerKit (you can confirm by logging into BackerKit as a backer using the email you used for the Kickstarter!) please contact us at info@anjalibhimani.com so we can make sure we have all the intel we need to get your rewards out to you!

That’s it for now…as always, hit us up here or via email to let us know any questions, concerns, or to send adorable puppy pics and videos. Because puppies.



Join me at 10 am PST to start the shout-out fun!
17 days ago – Fri, Jan 07, 2022 at 11:25:23 AM

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